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Organization Reorganization:
Center for Hospital Administration
Center for Medical Quality
Department of Community Medicine and HealthDepartment of Education and Research

Quality Improvement:
Hard ware-
Long-term Care Building
Emergency Room reconstruction
medical equipments improvement
Soft ware-
to maintain and upgrade the medical care quality

Informatics Innovation:
To implement systems of --
Knowledge Management
Medical Administration
Medical Quality
Family and Community Health

Integrated Medicine:
Emergent and Critical Medical Care Teams, including Teams of Emergency, Critical Care and Cancer Care
Holistic Care Team
Infection Control Team
Community Health Team, including teams of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Women Health Care
Adolescent Physical and Mental Health
Wound Care

Education and Research:
Resident doctors Training Program
Trainer Nurture Center
Research and Development Center
Center of Health Actions and New Global Equity
Teaching Ward Program
Clinical Skills Training Center
EBM Center

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